The legendary skin gallery is back. The history of it extends to 2006 when a similar gallery was released on FES clan's website. Now, several years later, the community is different and so are its needs. We are bringing you one of the most epic skin galleries, equipped with a nice navigation, cool images with several viewpoints and wicked descriptions.

The first 10 skins are original skins meaning they are available by default. The rest of the skins are so called custom skins that are not supported by the game unless a specific file has been modified. If the skins are not supported, the team color is not displayed properly in team matches. You might want to read more about installing custom skins in our Articles section.

Read the article: Implementing custom skins

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image with several viewpoints, a description and a list of players who have used the skin. The list is also available on each page. You can return to this page by using the submenu above.

XIII Shinyaku Trystan Carrington John
Densetsu Roger Robert Armael Mongoose
General Marine Sailor Jones Jones Civil Jones Night
Bodyguard Bodyguard Female Johansson Wax Standwell
Winslow Sheridan Clan of 20 MacCall Willard
Quinn XIII Bendaje Naufrago Coronel XIII Civil
Number 2 Amos Insane Big Cop Men
Ambiguous Mechanic Mr Bonnet Pamela Buzo
Number 3 Surfer Tim Killer 1 Killer 2
Killer 3 Killer 4 Killer 5 Killer 6 Banker 1
Banker 2 Corsair Doctor Employee 1 Employee 2
Public Woman Jessica Kim Spanish The Death