Every day some people contact our customer support service and ask us what the meaning of life is. We also get thousands of other questions and that is why we call this section a FAQ (i.e. frequently asked questions). You do not call any section FAQ unless the questions in it really are asked frequently, do you? Do you? DO YOU!?

Well then, do you?
No, we do not. These questions are asked frequently. Believe me.

Then who am I?
You are the guy who always asks these questions. Or, in other words, you are a representative of all the people who have been heard uttering the same words.

The clan

How does one actually spell the name of the clan?
Firstly, one must stop using this stupid "one" as the subject of a sentence. Secondly, one must spell the name so that the R letters are written in uppercase and the rest of the letters in lowercase. So the name looks like this: eRRoR. Sometimes, especially when typing fast, this may cause deformations such as "eRROR", "ERropR", "Erroro" etc. We kindly ask for the immediate deletion of those versions.

Do you guys take anything, like, seriously?
Like, seriously? Anyway, we take a lot of things seriously, but we don't want to be too formal. Take, for example, this website. A lot of the text here is written in a somewhat humorous style. Not being formal applies to the content but not to the presentation, that is layout, text and images. We cannot guarantee, though, that messages in our shoutbox or comments around Dis-shit (Disqus) are suitable for persons of all ages.

Can I join?
Our policy on that is pretty complex. You could show your interest on our message boards.

Do you accept clan wars?
Not actually. We play for fun, have great game sessions, play every now and then, some of us are pretty inactive while others play often, we chill, a couple of us may even eat while playing - some people enjoy just chocolate while others have a dinner on their desk - one member is known to watch TV at the same time, and then there's this guy who listens to music, oh, and usually someone loses their connection to the Internet, and at least one person needs a cigarette every half an hour or so, but well, a clan war... Since when?

So your members are allowed to spawnkill, chatkill etc. because your rules don't deny it?
We have performed several brain studies on our members and we did not detect any signs of a tendency to play in an improper way, that is like noobies play.

Why don't I see you playing often?
Our members may play whenever they want. We don't kick players if they are inactive, though we might place them in the list of the less active members. eRRoR is more like a clan where you can chill and have fun, it's not a job.

The website

Why is the website new again?
Because we like renewing it every 5 months.

Can I send my own memorable quote? What should it be like?
We accept quotes that are by a person who plays or has played XIII. The quote has to be somehow memorable and preferably funny, too. In order for the quote to appear on our website we need to know by whom the quote is and in what kind of situation the person said or wrote it. For example: "LEt'äs play [...]" Typically written by a Finn when they're typing too fast.

Post your quotes on our forum. We reserve the rights to edit the descriptive text but the quote itself is usually not altered.


Why are the characters often crouched while they move?

These are the possible explanations:
  • They have a bellyache
  • They're hard and they have to crouch to feel more comfortable
  • They're about to shit