A Bio (written by rixrax)

BaNaL is a Swiss cheese guy. He uses a Jones skin but that just goes to show how twisted his mind is. BaNaL makes me really think about Jonni. He always spams some random words like "jáááááá" whenever he gets killed and he often manages to piss me off by headjumping me.

BaNaL is harder to find than Carmen Sandiego. He has several MSN addresses but never logins to them. However, that's BaNaL. At first I didn't understand why he wanted to join eRRoR but he's already in for 3 years now and he has stayed active throughout that time. Which is pretty amazing considering we were inactive during '09-'10.

Anyway BaNaL, I believe in miracles and hope you will fill in your member page someday!

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