A Bio (written by rixrax)

ClowN 'SATANA' Lapanen is one of eRRoR's best members. In my opinion he could become the best since he was a real 1337man when he was active in his own clan (FES).

Nowadays he's just yelling VITTU out loud whenever he gets headshotted by me. Even if he's not that active as back in the days it stays a real joy to play some games in XIII with him.

Matti, you're forever in my sniper zoom.


Nickname: ClowN
Pseudonyms: msaB most probably at least atm
Age: 21
Country: Finland

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:
2003 - 2004

Clan history:

What is your favorite clan war?
Can't really say, maybe the Platform 02 20-30 Bristol Suites 30-20 3on3 Me, you (rixrax) and haN

What is your most fond XIII memory?
Dont know really :D

Why did you join eRRoR
Because had friends in the clan and had kinda shut down FES a while before.

never really achieved anything :D Second at the GIAO which you won (Final was probably one of the most intense matches I ever got to play in XIII, with being down in like 5 frags when leading player had 20+ frags and coming to 49 when you scored 50 :D)