A Bio (written by rixrax)

Julian HAILS from Karlsruhe located in Germany where he sits on his chair in front of the PC thumbing up every random XIII video on YouTube.

Other than that Julian makes now and then a new XIII video to accomplish his life goal of getting OVER 9000 subscribers to his youtube channel. Good luck with that.

NO. it wouldn't be fair to stop here. Julian is one of the main faces of the community of these days with his infectinous enthousiasm. He keeps XIII alive by being very active ingame and on the XIII related websites and tries to help any way he can without showing any sign of being impotent

Anyway Julian keep at it, you're doing a great job at the moment, I hope to see some new great videos soon. you know, SICK FRAGS, SICK COLORS, SICK ATMOSPHERE, SICK FLOW. SUBSCRIBE TO HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL PEOPLE. PLEASE. MINE TOO WHILE YOU'RE AT IT :3:***


Nickname: Julian.KA
Pseudonyms: KA, kuRwWa
Age: 18
Country: Germany

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:

Clan history:

What is your favorite clan war?
Can't remember. I started playin' too late to witness the legendary times & wars.

What is your most fond XIII memory?
Maybe the long nights I spent with bFe.'Roger and DVA.Copperhead fighting and discovering bugs.

Why did you join eRRoR
The are the most active and most friendly guys in XIII. It's always fun to play with 'em.. In addition my old clan became very inactive.

Moviemaker since January 2011