A Bio (written by rixrax)

lickM is a fat guy. He has to eat 12 times a day otherwise he'll die of starvation. He also lives on a farm with pigs and cows which he could slaughter for food. He's the 1000th habitant of his mainstream city and changes university very often.

lickM has a unique playstyle. He camps often around corners and more of that shit, never works out though. Even if he has some malfunctions lickM surely has some good sides to him. He's our leader and life guru.

Sometimes he's the brute father who uses domestic violence to teach us some discipline. Sometimes he's the girlfiend who kisses us to show us some love. That's lickM. I have nothing more to add, well maybe that I don't want his life.


Nickname: lickM
Pseudonyms: Gert, lickm, lickalornapuss, lick, lick'em, llllllll, -L-
Age: 23
Country: Germany

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:
Don't know when I started :S:S: I was so young back then :'(

Clan history:
7k around 2-3month after starting.

What is your favorite clan war?
Cant remember much of that stuff as clanwars didnt bother me alot - just one when misssixty and me won over dva which was quite hard

What is your most fond XIII memory?
when u (rixrax) and me were making fun of everyone by chatting etc

Why did you join eRRoR