A Bio (written by rixrax)

msk is our best member if he's not playing on his laptop. His server is not that good but that doesn't take away that every damn shot he makes hits the target. msk was already once in the clan at the start of his carreer and at the end he joined back. THE CIRCLE IS ROUND.

He is playing less serious than before though, katie melua seems to have calmed his soul. In XIII there's the stereotype of French skilled players who are arrogant but that doesn't fit msk. I've come to known msk as a really nice guy who does have a lot of pride.

Finalement msk, tu es un pd. CONNARD


Nickname: msK
Pseudonyms: musiK, msk.ftw
Age: 21
Country: Francia

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:
December 2006

Clan history:
LgdZ repLay
Lot of fake clans (extenSia etc. etc.)

What is your favorite clan war?
CTF USS 10 pts!

What is your most fond XIII memory?
A sabtoage with w0lfi, HellFire, Blizzard, VariO, DarkO, Zero, ViRuS and another one

Why did you join eRRoR
I saw some light in a weird street, I went in that street and I saw a fat guy eating burgers, he called himself lick. He seemed nice so I accepted joining him