A Bio (written by rixrax)

ToMMy is next to lickM eRRoR's longest member (1m90). His opinion is as valuable as a leader and he could be called an unoffical co-leader but he's not that important.

At the moment ToMMy HAS PURE HATRED FOR XIII. He's the game expert and our financial manager and now and then will drop a sarcastic remark. He sucks in minesweeper.

All in all he's got it all. This is ToMMy 100%.


Nickname: ToMMy
Pseudonyms: ChaKa LaKa, FiR3StorM
Age: 21
Country: Germany

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:
August 2005

Clan history:
pXg (November 2005 - December 2005)
DS (December 2005)
HN (january 2006 - June 2006)
pXg (June 2006 - November 2006)
BB'C (December 2007 - April 2008)
pXg (April 2008 - May 2008
eRRoR (June 2008)

What is your favorite clan war?
I guess pXg vs FES, as this was some reallly unexpected win and quite nice to achieve

What is your most fond XIII memory?
Hm i think my most fond memory would be somewhere in the beginning, maybe when I joined a clan as this was totally new for me :O

Why did you join eRRoR
because msk asked me for weeks to join until I gave up and said yes X)

4th place SST. 5th Place GIAO 2008
Particpant in WWXC 2006, 2007 and GIAO 2006,2007
Organizer WWXC #eRRoR
InsideXIII Admin (2008) and (2010)