A Bio (written by msk)

V4riO is the CTF Master. I think he might call the XIIIs creator to suggest him to make that mod. V4riO is a brilliant journalist; people are often asking him when he is walking on the street for some autographs. But his success as a journalist made him a perfect player for XIII.

He has been the famous leader of the VamoS clan. He knows everything that need to be known on FBI but dont ask him to play Temple, he would throw up. To make his career in XIII complete, he obviously had to join eRRoR.



Nickname: V4riO
Country: France

XIII Multiplayer Related

Started playing in:
I knew my first online experience in September, 2004. Probably on FBI, with Armael...

Clan history:
Kabuki Gun (kG)
VaMos (VmS)

I voluntarily forgot 2-3 teams but I selected the most important for me.

What is your favorite clan war?

My most beautiful defeat : YKZA-VmS. We (Bleach and me) played damn good but we lost for nothing against Wolfi and Denman. Also, my favourite clanwars were all the victories with my old mate Di4blo (FBI 30 points 2vs2 ?) and the ultimate confrontations between VmS and DnD !

What is your most fond XIII memory?
Hard to choose.... I can evoke VmS-story and fantastic games with Di4blo, J-Maniacs, Sherkan, Pigeon and co... I can evoke old time when I crossed my nights playing amazing TDM or Sabo with Thanos, Wolfi and co.... I can evoke the fantastic CTF with msk (olala), darko, worms and co... Then, too much "most fond XIII memory"

Why did you join eRRoR?
Because it's just incredible that this clan still exist ! Seriously, I appreciate playing with skilled and nice guys... and you're skilled and nice guys (what an explanation !). Also, I dreamt all my life beeing FES (bad joke:)

I organised a lot of tournaments for french community (won by Wolfi, Thanos, Virus...)