A Conversation With a Bus Driver Is the Most Pointless Thing in the World

Published on December 1, 2011 by rixrax

Whatsup bitches. I'm not here to talk about the PS TRIPLE but about eRRoR's activity lately.

There was a good, nice, succesfull 2nd weekend of the eRL. Almost everyone has won at least one match except for some noobs (or as craz said: Gerts stats xDD) The only one who is inactive from the eRL so far is ClowN but he's moving to another place and when he's settled I'm sure he'll play some more matches! Also, I'm getting a new router this friday so I hope (pray) the random server disconnects which occure since 2 weeks ago will vanish.

There's one other thing which I'm really happy about - The forum activity. We've already gotten around 900 post and the forum is online for just 2 or 3 weeks! It's incredible. We're at about 1/7 amount of posts of InsideXIII's forum who have more registered users and visitors. If we keep going this way I predict GREAT THINGS to happen. And I admit, there are a lot of 'spam' posts in this eRRoR forum - mainly by lickM and me. There are however also some very nice topics. For example: the player-skin topic where we try to find out which skin is overused and populair and which aren't. Since a lot of people do choose a skin based on it's popularity. 'I want to be the first and only' as thought.

Besides, many good (can I say that about my topics?) ideas are coming up. The eRL was originated from a forum post. It's a very good possibility more project will orginate from them. Just check out the eRRoR forum to know what I'm talking about ;)