A New Section: News

Published on November 6, 2011 by niLotiCus

One of the most important sections is the one where all the news articles will be archived. Therefore I created a new section called News. From now on all the articles can be found there. Each article is be placed on one page, and that page is called the Article page. Below this text, there is a row on links one of which is Go to the Article page. That link will redirect you to the Article page where you can leave comments. If you would like to browse through all the news articles that have come out during a certain year, you'll need to go to the News section and choose a year. Then you can see an excerpt of each article and access its Article page.

The newest article is shown here on the front page entirely, plus the titles of the previous five articles are listed below. Now that there is a total of two pieces of news, only one title is shown down there. Sorry, no placeholders available.

We also have a poll on the right-hand side. I need to know what you guys would like to call the line of text in the website logo. Please vote! If you don't like any of the choices, choose (something else) and write your suggestion in the comments area of the results window or in the shoutbox. Speaking of which, you're more than welcome to leave us your greetings!

Commenting is provided by Disqus as it's an easy way to implement the system. From now on you should follow the link to the Article page to read comments and add a new one. Giving me some feedback at this point is extremely important. If you think something should be different, please let me know. Also, reporting any error, not meaning the clan members, is very much appreciated.