Before Worrying About the Earth, Think About the More Endangered Future of eRRoR

Published on MM DD, 2011 by rixrax

If you've checked XIII last weekend you may have noticed there was pretty often an eRRoR server with about 4-6 eRRoRs playing in it. Naturally this has a reason. After a short absence from the world of XIII, we are fully back again. And we even brought someone with us. As you've already seen this since you're visiting this website. Legendary FES leader niLotiCus joined our crew, as he gets finally active in the XIII scene again. Moreover we've also recruited 2 other guys but they are of less importance.

Anyway, as we should at least mention their names, it's Zero and haN. But back to the important things. As you can see, you're at the moment on a new website which has been made by tico (niLotiCus). I really appreciate it that he's working hard here - once again thanks man!

Even if we've got some new members, it's uhm no idea :O. Ah nevermind, I remember! We will also put some guys on our inactive list since they haven't loginned at XIII or any other chatprogram. I'm talking about: Blacky, raZ and Geld.

And finally I want to say congrats to msk for having his beard reaching the finnish record length of 183m ? i dont know. Exams completed?? Study over? Marriage? Pregnant? None of these! congrats with your birthday last week man!

All in all, eRRoR can now look forward to a bright future again, so stay tuned for our upcoming News and actions!

Stay fresh and keep your swagger loaded