Christmas Time Is Busy

Published on December 20, 2011 by niLotiCus


Hi there gang! It's time for me to hit another ride around the world and a V-disk and... so on. Okay, as you all very well know there is this eRRoR Intern Area on our forum. We have been planning on a lot of projects most of which are new sections for the website. Soon we will release the Skin Gallery along with eRRoR+, and it's gonna be just the beginning.

I also did a couple of things to improve the quality of Firstly I switched to XHTML from HTML. Secondly I validated all the pages, exluding the old news articles, using the W3C Validation Service. Every page now passes the test except the front page because we have Disqus. There is an attribute that W3C cannot stand, so, Disqus once again failed on things.

We haven't had any more malware issues since the actions taken some time ago. The gallery is still down, however, and will remain like that for some more time. I added a bunch of quotes that can be found here. The eRRoR Matching League is coming along nicely, though as far as I know, a lot of our members are very busy with school because as usually at this time of the year, teachers make a lot of tests. Next Saturday it's Christmas and a new year is almost beginning... So I guess I gotta wish you a merry Christmas!