eRRoR Ranking League

Published on November 18, 2011 by Zero

Welcome fellow eRRoR members and other XIII players, to the eRRoR Ranking League (eRL). The eRL is a league between eRRoR players to determine who is the best player. But most of all, this league is meant to have fun with the clan.

The idea is that we have a ranking list that is ordered from most skilled until least skilled. By doing battles the members can gain ranks.

In the forum you can follow all of our glorious battles and see who is the strongest eRRoR member in town. And remember: If you are challenged, you cannot back down like a pussy. You have to fight to the death! Well, 10 deaths. On a map chosen by the lower ranked player.

I hope you guys all enjoy and I hope we can have a lot of matches!

Let the battles begin!