eRRoR+ Is Here!

Published on December 29, 2011 by niloticus


Does anyone still remember a news article published earlier this month? It was about a new section called eRRoR+. There was also a making-of video. No, they're not missing, I was just wondering if this news service is efficient enough. Today, only a few days before the annual ritual of adding +1 to a number that has been maintained for thousands of years, we are bringing you this new section.

The plus sign indicates that the clan exceeds its original purpose, by providing useful resources for the members of the community and other players of XIII. So does this mean a new community website just like InsideXIII is? Do we actually think we could revive the game, or that lots of people will benefit from this kind of contents? We do not think, we believe. When providing services, whether they are a website or a small enterprise, you have to believe in an idea. It might not turn into a success, but it might as well.

The first part of eRRoR+ is the Skin Gallery. Whoah, I can still remember the shabby gallery back in the days, on FES's website. I don't think I should explain it any more, go have a look at a collection of 66 skins. I would like to thank very much rixrax, Bob aka BRiCk, ToMMY and Zero for their precious help.

But yeah, this is just a beginning. We have been planning on, and even working on, more projects. Did you know that we have official channels on YouTube and Dailymotion, and some videos on Megavideo? They contain videos, a freaking lot of videos. I think we just caused a new server farm to be built in the Arctic Ocean.

I also have some good news for our beloved forum users. A link to this main site has been requested many times. At the moment I am trying to build a new forum style that would be similar to this website. A beta style is now available for everyone, called eRRoR Clan, and you can enable it in your User Control Panel, on the Board Preferences tab. But you should be prepared for occassional problems when I'm editing the style. It will be the default style when it's ready.

And now for the hyperlinks.

Skin Gallery
eRRoR+ start page
eRRoR's YouTube channel
eRRoR's Dailymotion channel

And let's conclude this article with an intro video.