Our Forum Is Up!

Published on November 13, 2011 by niLotiCus

I got rid of all the difficulties and now the board is up and running. I wanted this particular forum as it's of pretty high quality and hosted on my own web space. The only price I had to pay is that the forum is located in the root folder and therefore cannot be accessed using our domain ( for example http://www.apks.fi/error-webs/forum) because it doesn't point to the root folder. Instead you have to type http://cluster003.ovh.net/ ~apksecjw/forum/ or apks.fi/forum. But the simpliest way is to use the link in the menu.

There are completely no rules on the forum, that is there aren't any annoying lists of 40 things you must NOT do and 2 things you are allowed to do. We discuss there pretty much like adults do. Unregistered users are only able to view posts but registration is not limited. For moderators there's a forum with a restricted access.

Now that the forum is online, it's even more easier to send your memorable quotes. Only rixrax is expected to be spamming the comment area but others can leave their quatations on the board. There is a thread available in the Website category. Thanks for all the quotes sent so far!

Welcome to have a good time on our official forum!