The Last One Is Up: Gallery

Published on November 19, 2011 by niloticus

Excatly two weeks ago the new website was launched. From that day on, new sections were added one by one. Now we have reached the point where it's time for the last one. It happened to be Gallery because at first it was unclear how it is going to be implemented and then the selected system required pretty much fixing to do. Actually it is not completely finished yet but will be polished in some time. For example layout still needs some changes here and there, and about 97 % of the images lack a proper title and description. Use the link in the menu or the direct address (yes, located in the root again), to enter the galleri.

The gallery has been divided into several subcategories, and there are four main categories. They are Scores, Funshots, Other Games and Photographs. You can read more about them on the front page of the gallery. You'd probably also like to, say, show your stunning scores to the world. It is easy as you just have to send your photos to niloticus or rixrax. If you have a lot of images and would like to add them constantly, talk to niloticus about becoming a moderator.

Now that the gallery is ready, our site is ready. This means we focus on the news section. News is not only meant for news articles but also random articles by the members can be published. For example rixrax likes to write memoirs. We have a special thread for suggestions in the eRRoR Intern area on the forum.

I hope you will enjoy the website!