The Locus of Victory and Defeat

Published on November 24, 2011 by rixrax

Things are going well. Very well. I'm talking about the eRL - we've had 11 (!) matches the first week and everyone has played at least one time. I can't wait for the next weekend to start to play some more matches.

Multiple maps have been played. FBI and AFM are so far the most popular ones (3 times each).

Untill 2 days ago the challenger has always won his match but Zero changed that. :@ Zero :@ That match, niLotiCus vs Zero, is also the most exciting match of the league so far (8-10 as result).

I also have to say that I find the concept really interesting. I've won 2 times this Sunday and at the end of the day I was still 10th.. :D.

Anyway, I have really something useful to say :D Check out the board to see results, the ranking list and Zero's nice drawings! I hope we can keep this 'league' HOT as we're doing some unique thingies. NICE