The New Website Is Here!

Published on November 5, 2011 by niLotiCus

Hi y'all! I'm glad to announce two things. The first thing is that I am a member of the famous eRRoR clan from this day on. And since that's not enough tragedy for one day, there's this other thing: the clan has got a new website. No more Freewebs or other free webs but hand-made-in-Finland quality...

For the time being only this one page is available. HellFire wanted the new website to be online as soon as possible, so we decided to publish the front page, called Home, at first. The other pages will be added one by one as they are finished, and the whole site should be ready before Christmas. The complete website will feature familiar contents from the previous version, as well as something new.

When new pages and features are added, I'll provide you with a list of what has changed. Therefore you will not miss any new contents. Stay tuned and have fun!