Two New Sections: FAQ and Site Info

Published on November 18, 2011 by niLotiCus

Whoah, we're putting two sections online at the same time. In FAQ there are questions and there are answers. A random guy, some call him one, others you, asks us a couple of questions about the clan, website and game. We give him very satisfactory answers. You must not miss it. Site Info elaborates on this website and especially the croco... technical aspect. You must not miss it either.

This means we have only one section to go. But it is a bitch. The Gallery. I am planning on implementing a gallery system that enables adding users who can upload images, for example. In the mean time you could look for images that you want to be added to the collection. Anything. Scores, bugs, cool things, photographs, your pictures, all sort of picas from all over the world, both real and virtual. We have pretty much space available so it shouldn't be the first problem. Though max size is something like 700 x 700 pixels and 300-400 kilobits.

And since the website is hosted and especially maintained in Finland, no copyright violations! You have to hold the copyrights of the images you send, or you need to have a permission from whom holds them, or the image has to be in the public domain. Otherwise men in black will come to get me.