eRRoR Interviews!

Published on February 9, 2012 by niloticus


I'm really excited about this topic. Blizzard, a student from the Netherlands, and one of the long-term members, told us on the forum he would like to interview each member. The idea is simply named eRRoR Interviews, and Blizzard describes it as follows:

I'm not gonna say on forehand who I'm gonna interview, which questions I'm going to ask, but I would like to get an impression of everyone. It's a good way of getting to know one another.

Yes, a special aspect of this interview project is that Blizzard has not released, at least not so far, any schedules, nor has he talked publicly about his next interviewee. He is planning to post an interview every 2 weeks, and that's all we know. Therefore, there's a good reason to check up the website on a regular basis!

But, this morning, I found the first interview in my mail (the electronic one, in this case). In it Blizzard talks with Zero, discussing map projects, drawing, books, anime, and food, among other things. Click the link below to delve deep, deep into Zero's life. (Well, not that deep.)

eRRoR Interview #1: Zero

P.S. As for the technical aspect, all the interviews can be found in the eRRoR+ section, in a subsection called Interviews. But now, go, go, read!