False Vows

Published on February 29, 2012 by rixrax


HellOoOO. Another update coming to you brought to us to you, from us.

Only 2 months later than planned Julian.KA his biography has been added. You can check it out by clicking HERE or you can just go ahead and click on Julian.KA his name which I have mentioned earlier, and just now again. Normally I think niLotiCus links the names of the eRRoR members which are mentioned in a news towards their profiles on this website.I wonder if he'll still do that if I keep talking though. I should have kept quiet. rixrax apoligzes to you niLotiCus. Check out Julian.KA's profile! Julian.KA Julian.KA

More positive news coming, almost all XIII videos I know of have been uploaded on either the YouTube channel (link this again tico, I know you like it, I would have done this myself but you're going to bed again at babytimes) the Dailymotion or the myvideo channel. I have good HOPE that somewhere next week (this could also be 1-20 months) all videos will be uploaded :>

Since we're talking about eRRoR+ shit right now I'll also publicly ANNOUNCE that SOON there will also be a BRANDNEW section uploaded. I can't reveal too much yet, other than that you will be shocked and amazed by its beasility.

Unfortunately some more negative news right now. There hasn't been an eRL match for quite some time right now. It seems that it's on a crucial moment right now. Who will ignite the spark which will explode everything once again? who will take the steering wheel and drive right in the river? Someone has to take the initiative by challenging and make the moneymaker active again. Who will this legendary legend be? Who can handle the pressure? Stay stuned to find out. Maybe it will be longlost members entertain or BRiCk who have just been back from a long self reflection journey or who are still not back yet...? Anyway I just recognized I wrote their comebacks under the negative part of this news and since I have kein bock to restructure this awesome news I've got 2 words for you guys: Suck it.