Inactivity Report

Published on February 1, 2012 by niloticus


Yop y'all! There's been some inactivity, but on the other hand, there's been nothing to write about. The forum is active all the time. Therefore, if the front page looks quiet it only means that everyone has moved on to the discussion board. Another place where eRRoRs spend their time is the group chat.

I heard there were some nasty errors on the website. At first I thought it to be user-specific since I didn't see anything unordinary. Finally I was able to see numerous lines of text scattered all over the place. They were PHP error messages. PHP is so mean a scripting language that it doesn't tolerate a single mistake. Instead of getting deeper into the stuff, I assure the problem has been dealt with. It is such a shame that has confronted such massive troubles. But we don't give up!

At the moment many members are less actively in the community as they are busy with school, work and other duties. It is of course important to prioritize things in life. Luckily most guys are available at weekends. Somewhere on the site it says that this clan is not a job, it's a place where you can chill.

There have been some eRL matches at weekends and even during the week, but eCL fights have been more rare. That is simply because a match requires at least 6 players to be online.

Julian.KA made a clip for InsideXIII's contest. It's viewable here on Youtubie. Julian himself is more modest about the quality of the video, but in my opinion this video once again represents one of great XIII videos we can expect from this German maestro. The transitions between maps are nice. The effects fit with the music. I also specifically like the ending. Maybe the video looks more like a frag video than a trailer, but who said a trailer should contain the original IGN shit and a release date?