The Final Video

Published on July 27, 2012 by niLoticus

As you all know, Ubisoft closed a bunch of game servers in April. Among them were the servers of XIII, our beloved first-person shooter with cel-shading graphics.

During that time the eRRoR clan also became inactive, bit by bit. The leader of the clan, rixrax, went missing. Not many people were aware of what he was doing and why he didn't show up.

A couple of weeks ago I received email from Ritchie. He explained the situation and told me about a project he was working on. Today, I'm wiriting this news to let you all know what's up with our leader.

Hello, Ritchie. Everyone has been itching to know where you have been. Can you tell as about what happened during the past months?
Hi there! I'm sorry for leaving for some time and not telling anyone. It all started as a small learning break just like entertain used to do. I checked InsideXIII now and then and noticed that Ubi was down and probably wasn't coming back.

I kind of lost hope there, for XIII and for the clan. There would be no more possibilities for a new player to really learn how to play the game the same way we used to learn it and I always had in mind that when Ubi shuts down the servers XIII is officialy dead for me.

I also had time to do more various things during my XIII break, spend more time in my hobbies. XIII was sucking up a lot of time, I enjoyed it a lot, but I kind of felt that I was trapped in a system. I had to be online as the host for eRL, ask guys for their permission to upload videos, work on new sections for eRRoR+, work out the eCL.

These things were very fun to do but they drained so much time that I lost track of other important things in my life which have a higher priority, especially on the long run.

The multiplayer mode of XIII is officially gone, and the community is probably the least active since the release of the game. Some clan members have not been heard from since you left. What is the future of the clan?
The clan lives. A lot of people in 2008-2010 thought that eRRoR died or were very inactive. What do they know? They know shit. lickM, ToMMy and me were almost every day online and we could come back any minute - and we did in december 2010.

I'm still talking with Blizzard, lickM, Zero etc. Even if we don't play XIII I don't think the clan is in any danger.

And about eRRoR in XIII, as I said at the previous question, I always thought that XIII would die when Ubi shuts down the server, but I was proven wrong. Arthur has done a great job with the new masterserver and Julian is doing a great job at contacting and playing.

Obviously it's a lot more inactive and some people have given up hope, but there's still the possibility to play.

I think eRL can still happen. Why not? It are simple 1on1 matches which only require 2 players and a hoster. The only thing which is an issue here is that I don't want to be online every evening or on a regular basis and be the hoster for every match.

If someone wants to step up and be the main guy, be the 'leader', Now is your chance...

I think you have a new video to present us, and it is a special one. What is it about?
It's a clanvideo. I'm not sure what it is myself. It could be an introduction to the eRRoR clan, or maybe it's a goodbye video, or maybe it's just a fragvideo with kills from third and first person view.

Why did you want to make this video?
I had a lot of XIII material left which was taking up quite a lot of space. I thought about deleting it all, but when I was going through some of the first person frags I kind of wanted to use them. I talked with Julian some weeks ago and I thought to myself; I finally have to make a satisfying video with all the shit I've recorded.

Every video I've made so far is not really good - at least not to my standards. You know, when I was playing XIII all the time during 2005-2008 I had a really bad PC on which I was not able to record. I always wanted to make a XIII video, but I was not able to. When I got a new PC in 2008 I lost interest in XIII.

So last few weeks it did kind of start to be a goal to make a satisfying XIII video. Something which I always wanted to do, but I kept delaying it. I'm happy how it turned out and I'm relieved to finally have done something which I've wanted to do since 2006 or somewhere.

In the video you can see a short presentation of every member and their skin. The skins have been animated in a certain way. Do those animations tell something about the member in question?
Sometimes they do. I wasn't realy planning on using animations. I just started the video with the idea of using the eRL scenes and some of the firstperson view kills I had. When I wanted to introduce Julian I looked up in the map editor for some reason and found the animations, I thought that animation looked cool and took that. I took a few boxing animations for V4riO as I had no footage of him.

And after those 2 were done I started to play through every animation and thought which animations would fit the players. I think some are really fitting, like ClowN's alarm. Everyone who has been with him in teamspeak can confirm this. Your calm thinking is also fitting.

Furthermore I also came up with some kind of a background for every animation. I also did this at random for Julian's one and you know, just as with the animations I thought about a fitting background for every guy. Like ToMMy's dog and the snow at Blizzard.

I think the scenes which were chosen during the fragpart, the animations and whatever appears on the background all tell something about the player. It's not just FRAG - FRAG - FRAG - FRAG - EVERY PLAYER IS A KILLING MACHINE FROM HELL. You see Bob suiciding, Zero in his custom maps, lickM camping in a corner, Blizzard in the tunnel at Plain Rock. Those scenes tell so much more than a headshot with the sniper.

Please give us some last words to conclude this interview.
I hope you enjoy the video and I hope someone from XIII lights a fire to give people a reason to play XIII again.

If this is the last news or if it remains on this page for a very long time - I'm happy. We did it all. No regrets.

Rixrax's new video can be found in the Jukebox on the front page, and is permanently available on YouTube at