Troops of Doom II

Published on January 11, 2012 by rixrax


yop all!

Sorry for the inactivity on the front page - I'm not sure why there was no new news as there are some new things to talk about!

First of all: There's the eCL. The eCL is kind of like the eRL. eRRoR only, but the big difference is that this has a 3on3 format. There are 4 teams which were randomly decided with the help of a great random Java thingy made by Zero which was recorded on a livestream XD. Anyway, the first match has already been played and that was soooo great! 40-39, 39-40 and 28-40 on the third map. For the first 2 maps, it couldn't have been closer :D.

There are some other special thingies to the eCL, like the map-pool or how the maps are decided, anyway just check out the forum if you want to know more, niLotiCus has even made different sections now for the Tournaments so it'll be easier for you to find.

The new eCL doesn't mean that the eRL is going inactive or something, alot of matches have happened last 2 weeks which is very positive ^^ new members like Julian.KA have integrated well and already played a nice set of matches!

The eRRoR YouTube channel was a bit more inactive, but with the help of Julian who's been asking for the permission of some of XIII's video editors we'll be uploading new videos soon! I also want to give w0Lfi alot of kudos as I seem to have forgotten that during the last few newsies, if it wasn't for w0Lfi (and his server) a lot of videos from the 2005-2008 period would have gone lost!

eRRoR's YouTube Channel

Now some SAD news, unfortunately the Gallery section won't be coming back. Reasons? Russian malware websites and it didn't seem to be so attractive to browse through 500 new picas at once. The forum will be used to advertise any remarkable picas, clanwar scores etc.

Lets quit this news with some happy thoughts. 3 of our members (Blizzard, BRiCk and Zero) are working on their maps, I'm not sure when they'll be finished but when they will, get ready to add some EPIC maps to your map list!