We Know It's Best to Finish Yearly Tasks Before the End of the Year, But Then You Put It off Till Next Year for a Fresh Start. That's How the End of the Year Goes

Published on January 2, 2012 by rixrax | Comments

Hello and happy new year! 2012 is promising to be an interesting year for XIII. (just like all the other years)

This news will mainly be about XIII VIDEOS created or are somewhat in connection to the eRRoR members. I'll start in chronological order to not upset anyone. LOL? First one is #RIXRAX by m0teL which can be viewed here. I'm very happy with the end result and I hope you can all like, subscribe, comment, favorite, donate, send this link to all of your friends and set this video as your homepage. Great job m0teL and thanks for using my frags!

Second video of today is done by Julian.KA, it was on Jukebox for one day but got replaced by some crappy breakdance video. Anyway, the subject of this video was a legendary 5on5 game with eRRoR members only until BRiCk's AFKtitude (msk's invention) appeared. Then we had to ask the bazookashooting headshooter to fill in the gap. Great guest. Even though Julian.KA only worked for 2 days on this video it's very nice to watch, some great effects like poor BRiCk dying at Julian's first frag combined with awesome music. Gogogo and watch it here

Third video is done by yours sincerely (rixrax). I think it's safe to say that this is my first video which I took really serious as videomaker. Well ok, there was BlizFire.Inc Fun Video 1, but that was a fast job editing and the movie making community was alot different in 2006. Some blabla about the video: Thoughts was to present some custom maps in a nice way. Zero and me are testing them all so we can ultimately make a nice 'map section' at the INFAMOUS eRRoR+ section. By playing these maps I just thought this could make a great video. We've all seen the headjumps on the stairs at FBI or the sniper kills in USS, but how often have we seen a seizure chopper or a skybox where you can teleport to? I hope you'll enjoy the video, watchable here

And this is not it. There's more to come! But not yet. Let's keep this for later this year. Be prepared as haN and niLotiCus will make their moviemaking comeback after so many years! And what about the trailer contest on InsideXIII where Julian.KA and rixrax are participating? HOHOHOHO! my tummy is rumbling

PS: don't forget to check out the news Ticus has written some days ago about eRRoR+ and the Skin Gallery. Important stuff