Published on March 12, 2015 by rixrax

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time. I've been thinking about writing some news on this website for a while as there hasn't been a new article since 2012.

Today that's changing, although I'd been hoping to write positive news.

This week I've come to know that Dennis a.k.a DenD359 passed away in a traffic accident. DenD was very active in XIII throughout 2005 and 2006. He and his clan -Dominate n Destroy- (DnD) are important pieces in XIII's multiplayer history. I want to write a little bit about him in this news because that's the least I could do.

XIII for me, as for a lot of people on this website, was the first multiplayer game I played. When I joined -DnD- in 2005 I got introduced to what it really means to play a game online "professionaly" (if you can call it that). As a 13 year old I had to talk in English (a foreign language for me), abide to the rules and a certain attitude was expected. It was a beginning of a new life.

When I look back at that time I admire what DenD do with -DnD-, which by the way was his first and only clan. One of the clanrules was that you needed to use Quinn, MacCall or SPADS as your skin. It's kind of strange, but at the other hand whenever I saw Quinn in-game (every member used that skin) I associated that with -DnD-. The same thing applies to Platform 02 which they used to play all the time. -DnD- was also one of the few American clans and had members from Mexico, USA and Canada.

Another thing which I fondly remember were that DenD used his available members strategically in clanwars. He used or DoMiNaToRwhen USS was played or there was sniping to be done. He used Kamikaze in grenade maps and to host. He used me in FBI and so on. Every member also had a rank and with that rank came certain privileges, like the ability to accept clanwars or edit certain parts of the website.

DenD and me had our disagreements because we were immature (especially me!) and I left to join FES. When at FES, I'd say we had a good rivalry with them which peaked with a clanwar ending in 50-50. In that clanwar ClowN, haN and me used our 'secret weapon' which was Bristol Suites as a home map instead of the usual FBI or USS . It was a big thing at that time because no one could play more than a few maps well except for YKZA, thus everyone had only a few home maps.

I talked again with DenD in 2010 or 2011 and he was eager to start playing XIII again. I was hoping that he would join eRRoR so we could play together again, but unfortunately he didn't find the time to be online often.

For me, Dennis and his clan are legendary. I'll keep remembering him as he was vital for me to become the person I am today. I'll thank him for the memories and I hope he rests in peace.