eRRoR's Website Still Holding On

Published on November 17, 2016 by niLotiCus News

Hello? Anyone there?

It's not because I'm very much into survival horror that I'm yelling these words, but it's just that what used to be the XIII community is now pretty much gone. is no more accessible, and I regarded the website and the people behind it as a pillar of the community. It's a shame.

eRRoR clan might not be a clan in the sense of an actively playing group of players but it now exists as a community for people who feel related to XIII and all that happened around the game.

I just ordered a new domain for the website to be more easily accessed. Just type in your address bar. works, too, and you can even use a secured connection by typing It's not completely secure, like a bank, but at least you know you're communicating with real eRRoR clan.

I also would like to guarantee that as long as I'm hosting the clan's website it is available and all of the contents remain unchanged. Sometimes it's funny to read Quotes, forum posts from many years ago, and first news articles.

Be sure to check back some time as Ritchie might have something planned for us.