Thinking of a Catchy Title Is Not Easy

Published on February 10, 2017 by rixrax | Comments


Ladies and gentlemen,

As already teased by niLotiCus in the previous news article, here I am... lmao.

It was my intention to write this article in December of 2016. I could've even wished you merry Christmas and happy new year at that time. Obviously, that didn't happen. After that I planned to write something at the start of January. In that scenario, it would've still been possible to wish you a happy new year. However - in true eRRoR fashion I might say - I delayed everything until today. I honestly hope you had a terrible Christmas anyway.

The goal of this news is not to talk about my shitty habits, but to talk about the future of this page, the clan, THE FAMILY. As displayed by my actions described above, but also by the general activity on this website, InsideXIII and in the game itself, it's safe to say that XIII is not the number one anymore on our priority list :'(

...HOWEVER! That doesn't mean that we all should just generally not give a shit anymore about the game. It doesn't mean we can't take the time to drop a comment or whatever. It also doesn't take anything away from the fun we had or from the memories we made in the game, on Skype/Steam/TeamSpeak (other programs are available), etc.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. I'm at fault as well, but I'm trying to change that, because it's a damn shame that I don't take the time to write more about some of my most fond memories of XIII. I also find it fun to write stuff, even this somewhat boring news which I kept delaying till the end of times.

So yeah, my message to anyone is to just go ahead and post more. It can be about anything, like a memory of a clanwar or about a video. Hell, you could ask if someone is up for a game of XIII. You can comment in the shotoboxo or on this article. You could even contact me or Tico and write a news article yourself about something. There are no requirements really. Everyone can go ahead and do this for all I care. This offer is not exclusive for eRRoR assholes only.

It would be nice if we can have some more activity in this place.