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– Teenagers fail to see the difference between "spawn" and "spam".

ja doei

– Tokyo was through with grenades in Hualpar in a match against RioT.

I really like ya hairdo

– Lil Jay is perfect in EVERYTHING.

I would like to sink his head into a toilet

– lickM after reading a post on InsideXIII.

I name it FBI..because I'm a genuis!

– Tails makes such a funny joke.

hello all you girls heard in America

– Nice greetings by Tails seen on some video.

you won the luckmap, we won the skillmap

– PAE comes up with new shit after his precious clan lost on FBI but won on Kellownee.

you smell like fish / the rent is so damn high / shut up jesus / what the rix rax / i dont need grenades i have your moms titts yesman / your mother is a christmastree

– A bunch of quatations by kneyblPalm.

I woke up my girlfriend

– msk after screaming a bit too loud due to a headshot.

so wdytoyg?

– Bob using his gayish abbreviation. It means "What do you think of you guys?".


– TNT.DAVID reaches an almost full server of French buddies.


– Geld in an intense state of happiness and contentment after winning a game. He lets everyone know by spamming the chat.


– A cool variation of Solteg's complaints about lag.

The best way to warmup is by furiously masturbating

– Geld's response after rixrax asked him if he wanted to warm up for his WWXC round.


– Solteg trying to hide the important URLs haN has sent him.

Shut up dude, you don't know half about the secrets of XIII that I know ;)

– Darko discreetly eliminates all of your self-beliefs.


– Darko, again, considers 'Ok' just too usual.

you scard?

– Darko knows how to use English specially.

I know how to handle the game

– A French player kindly reminds you of the simple fact.


– 'BaRt3K...' using adjectives and nouns in an creative way.

I repudiate all you petulant expostulations. (If you don't know what it means learn some more English.. you all speak very low-lvl English which I truly can't understand. It seems you spend all lessons with watching some cartoons only LOL) Didn't mean to hurt you FES, N-Vi, VmS and nC but i feel this way

– Skullfire, who 1. thought everyone should be like him 2. didn't seem to have looked at his own clan's banner, and 3. was not a very nice guy as it looks like.

We will launch operation hazard [...] As soon as I get some advoce next to us you will wish you wouldn't have done this to us

– Skullfire talking shit again. 'Operation hazard' consisted of a dedicated server called '[clan name]_is_n00b.clan'.

he passed the braintest

– PAE makes Solteg do the impossible. This quote has been parodied over 9,000 times by lickM and rixrax.

Click or kick

– Used since the ancient times, possibly Blizzard's brother came up with it. Used when someone doesn't click the 'Fire' button to continue from the result screen in a reasonable time.


– JKA has some issues.

Ik don't care

– Thalid used this mix of Dutch and English a lot when playing in DcC.

Hi mr. rip-off, change that or I sue you for copyright issues

– JKA, after rixrax's brother copied JKA's nick for MSN.


– BaNaL whenever he was killed by a headjump or headshot.

DnD humor

– A term invented by haN and rixrax. They always used to laugh at their own (stupid) jokes.

omg helmet taker

– calmy is pretty creative to find reasons why he gets killed.

OMG, stop it!

– Calmy.

Viper, I'll fucking knock your ass out, I'll knock your friends out, I'll knock your dad out, I'll knock your mom out and then I'll fuck her up the ass. BITCH!

– DiamondBack maybe took XIII a little bit too seriously.


– DiamondBack thinking about what to say.

Bodies by Drowning Pool... very nice song

– DiamondBack was just so fucking funny to me and haN.

but he sucked anyway

– DiamondBack was very kind towards ex-members.


– eRRoR'KUALALUMPU's request to everyone in the game.


– lickM's response to stupid jokes.


– haN signaling rixrax that an enemy appeared downstairs in FBI.

I dont want your life

– Another quote by NeaR/ItaChi somewhere to someone.

Buy some skill of ebay

– Probably said by NeaR/ItaChi who was talking on some website to some other guy.

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