The rules form the basis of any clan. We take the rules seriously. We monitor our members 24/7 and we can easily detect forbidden activity. As a result, every eRRoR member is a proud disciple of rixrar, our mighty leader and instructor.

The Rules of the eRRoR Clan

1. Behave.
2. In order to join be someone we know.
3. Don't ask us, we ask you.

The General Fair Play Rules of XIII

These rules are intended to make the community a nice place for everyone. They were originally written by a player called Mr. Bas. This version is directly from InsideXIII website and is written by Aru.

1. Don't cheat.
Don't use cheats via console commands or any other scripts or hacks, that gives you an unfairly advantage.

2. Don't fake.
Don't claim to be someone you are not.

3. No bad words.
Don't make each other black, and don't use terms, which are not nice.

4. Respect the server rules.
If the hoster (who launched the server online) says to do something, do that, like stopping the time or changing the team. If you don't listen, you might get kicked from the game.

5. One clan, not more.
While being in a clan, you are not allowed to be in another one at the same time. If you don't like your current one anymore, leave it.

6. Respect the clan rules.
If your clan made up rules, keep them.

7. Don't kick without any reason.
Don't kick someone, if he's doing nothing wrong.

8. Don't show up as a clan member without permission.
You must get from a clan authority the 'ok' for becoming their member. Don't wear their insignia without allowance.

9. Don't hate beginners, you was also one.
Don't call someone "noob" the whole time. You started as a newbie, too. Support him to become a better player, instead.

10. Help each other, and enjoy the game!
It's always a kind of respect to help each other. And don't forget: It's still a game. Enjoy it! That is the most important.

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